Terms of Service

Terms of Service Last Updated 7/3/2017

By ordering from Emperor Hosting, LLC (“Us”, We”, “Our”, “Emperor Hosting”). You (“The Service Owner”, “The Customer”, “The Client”) agrees with Emperor Hosting’s Terms of Service. Emperor Hosting reserves the right to cancel or suspend The Customer’s service (“Server”, “Product”) for any reason we deem necessary.

Emperor Hosting provides a 48 Hour refund policy for the service The Customer orders. Recurring Invoice payments are non-refundable. If you need to request a refund call support or open a ticket with your order information and let Emperor Hosting process the refund. Charging back will get you permanently banned from Emperor Hosting’s Website. If you consistently ask (i.e ordering asking for a refund then order the same service again) for a refund after you receiving your first refund you will be permanently banned from Emperor Hosting’s Website.

All Invoices are generated 7 days before the Invoice is due. Failure to pay will result in your services being put into suspension until the Invoice is payed. If the invoice is not payed in 14 days the service will be permanently deleted. The Customer can ask for an extension of up to 7 days but The Customer is required to pay once the extension is over or their services will be terminated. An extension does not change the billing date of The Customer’s Server. If The Customer adds a Debit or Credit card to the account it will be automatically charged on the Due date of The Customer’s Server.

Emperor Hosting takes server abuse and copyright claims quite seriously so if we receive an Abuse Report/DMCA Notice we will forward it to the client and allow up to 24 hours to reply. If the client does not reply within 24 hours their server will be suspended until the Report/Notice is resolved. If the client continues hosting copyrighted files/abusing their services the Client’s server will be terminated..

While Emperor Hosting does aim to maintain a 99% Up-time in the event of an outage or other unexpected scenarios We will provide compensation by giving The Client 5% off their next bill and adding extra days to their bill (12 Hour Downtime is equal to 1 day).

Planned maintenance does not qualify for compensation unless otherwise posted by Emperor Hosting.

Emperor Hosting is not liable for any Client’s files that are that are missing, corrupted or deleted. The client must request backups as we do not automatically do backups.

Emperor Hosting aims to provide a 24 hour installation window Sun-Sat 11AM to 11PM so if your server is not installed within 24 hours then you will receive 4 days free

All Services

The Customer agrees to not to attempt to modify the server from the original specifications, Attempt to access files outside the server’s home directory or Attempt to crash/spam the server. With that there is also a longer list below with things you are not allowed to do/have on your service.

Not Allowed to do/have on your Service: Spamming, Mass E-Mailing, (D)DoS, Malware/Viruses/Backdoors, Any form of Hacking/Phishing, Pornography, Copyrighted Material, Hate Speech, Fascist Content, Homophobic Content, Anything illegal in United States, Canada and The United Kingdom. .

The Customer also agrees to not Tamper, Delete or Edit any other server that is hosted by Emperor Hosting without permission from the other servers Owner. Doing any of that without permission can cause you to get blacklisted from Emperor Hosting.

Minecraft Server Specific: The customer agrees to Minecraft’s EULA which can be found here. Failure to follow Minecraft’s EULA will cause your service to be terminated.

Failure to abide by these Terms of Service gives Emperor Hosting the right to terminate The Client’s service.

Emperor Hosting, LLC reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time and for any reason without client notification.