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Emperor Hosting strives to provide the best possible hosting services for your organization or business
Fast Setup Quality Support 99% Uptime
Reliable Hardware (D)DoS Protected High-Speed Internet
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Looking to buy a Game Server and start a new Gaming Community? Then you've come to the right place.
Need a Fast VPS for your Gaming Community or Business? Then we have you covered.
Want to have a reliable Webserver to host all your websites on? Then we have what you need.
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  • Never Seen Anyone Better! Been hosting With Them For About 6 Months. And They have the most helpful staff. And They have the best up time and prices ive ever seen in all my years
  • Great Service! Fast, easy, affordable! Very friendly group of people and understand what you want and how to get it done!
    Hunter S.
  • An Amazing (And Cheap) Host Honestly I've had a great experience with them. They're cheap, decent ping, a lot of customization through settings and a great and quick support team. Now that being said, there have been the bad moments like you'd get with any hosts, like random lag spikes, crashes, and so on. Now, a few of those were caused by me just going a bit overboard, but it's definitely a must-have host for the price. I'd recommend them to anyone who asked for a good host.
    Xowlek Gaming
  • I have used this hosting site for 3 servers. It is a good price, No lag, Amazing service. If i have an issue the host will come on and help me with it, and explain how to fix it. And that's great. as far as i can tell, he is aval almost 24/7. They are worth the money. It is very trustworthy.
  • Great support & Server Performance Great support, took me 10 seconds to instantly get what I wanted! Also the server performance is the best I have had, especially considering the prices!
    Scott W.
  • Great service and Great customer support! 10/10 i have been hosting a dedicated server from this company for around a year now and the service has been outstanding. i have no complaints about this company and i highly recommend you host with them.
  • Best Hosting Cheap hosting, best support go to for Gmod, and CS:GO servers ;)
    Joshua Summers